Friday, July 25, 2014

Wait. what?

      I have to stop and think how she grew up so fast! Yesterday I called and made an appointment with an old friend of ours for my daughter's Senior Pictures. In a world of endless selfies these days she has plenty pictures but senior pictures is going to be bittersweet! I can't wait next month to go with her and get them done but I'm going to be kind of sad:( 
I'm excited for her as she's excited about her senior year and I pray it's a good one for her! She again made the cheer team this year and next week she'll start practicing and then shortly after school will be in full swing again! I'm excited to see her grow up but man it went fast! Enjoy yours while they are young. I've heard that many times before and it is totally true. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

took 3rd in Lincoln

our freshmen boys took 3rd place in Lincoln, Ne in March. It was a fun weekend and great group of boys. Watch out for these guys in a couple years. Brady is front row on far right. Brady is 6'2" now and I believe he's still growing. At least he eats like he is:)

prom (as a junior)

I have a few hundred pictures of my daughter's junior prom this year but thought I'd do a few here and there so not so overwhelming for everyone. The whole prom was a little overwhelming for me anyhow. Just realizing she's already old enough for her junior prom and I have no clue where the time went. Prom was back in March and I think our school was the very first to have prom. I know the rest the towns around us just had theirs this month. Chuck and I were volunteered to help with after prom by another couple(so nice of them). It has been a long time since I've stayed up until 4 am. But it was a fun time.

Friday, December 6, 2013

basketball season ...

Brady starts basketball tonight. They have been practicing for weeks now. He's only a freshman but hopefully will get some playing time. I love basketball and it was my sport when growing up. Spent many, many years training to get in shape, morning practice, after school practice and I was so in love with the game. Boys are use to playing football so basketball is a fit. But for girls who play basketball I love this.... "Unless you're willing to play some football, don't go our for basketball." Amen.'s good black

Something I thought I'd never ever try just black. But did and hey it's good. It still does the trick of waking me up. I use to put loads of sugar in it with all the flavored cream and realized how much junk that was daily going into my body just from 1cup! Yuck! I was raised to not take care of myself and now finding out it's a must! A must if you want to feel good. Look good. Have energy (and not the 5 hour energy they sell to you in a bottle) Why do we keep creating an unhealthy way of living. Chemicals and sugar in everything these days and then we wonder why we can't remain focused....I've been introducing new healthy foods that my body just is not use too and after awhile you start craving them. Almost like you crave that hot fudge sundae. Lately I'm craving pumpkin seeds and my coffee black. If the saying "you are what you eat" is right then I must be a pile of sugar:) I need to rid myself of all that. It's unhealthy and it's a sin and it's God's temple that I should be willing/able to take care of. The weather here is -4 degrees. Brrrrr..... Drink that coffee and keep warm. Another positive note is you'll be saving a chunk of change if you rid yourself of the daily drive up to Starbucks. Man are they expensive for a little cup full of sugar.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Well Today my baby is 15! It's hard to believe that the first time I laid my eyes on him was that long ago. We want our kids to grow and get excited when they are the age that they can finally walk, talk, play sports but then a part of us wants them to stay young forever!
Brady with his big sis. He loved his shades even if he put them on upside down. :)
Brady at preschool swinging. He loved growing into a big guy and being able to go to school.
Brady now with his big sis, now a 6' 1" freshmen. Loves ALL sports and plays them all.
So happy God gave me Brady as my son. He has the best sense of humor and attitude towards everything. He's calm when I am not:) He is complete joy to our family. Not sure he still feels the same about school as he once did as a he looks forward to days off from school. Happy 15th Birthday Charles "Brady" Roberts!!!!!! So proud of you.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Coach Miller

My son lost one of his football coaches this past Sunday. He was such a wonderful man. He put so much time into these young boys lives. He also was the schools P.E. teacher for K thru 12th grade so the whole community is grieving the loss. One of his daughters just stayed the night with my daughter Friday night and went to the new Hunger game movie on Saturday with a bunch of girls and now she's missing her father. My daughter said she was angry. I asked why? She said "one of my best friends should not have to go through this at 16" I said yes as I understood. I lost my dad at 33 and it hurts no matter what age but I can't imagine being 16 and having to look in the crowds at my basketball games where her dad always sat and know he's going to be missing these games now. I reminded my daughter that Mr Miller was a believer and now he sits in heaven with His savior and we need to find peace in that even though it's hard. I remember when we first moved to Hershey my son told him he had to leave practice early as he had youth group and Mr. Miller smiled and gave my son a high five. Brady was constantly coming home with things Mr. Miller told him to help him. "I want to see you in the weight room Brady" or "Brady you're athletic, but you're lazy" (Brady laughed at that one cause he knew it was true) So Brady showed up the next practices giving his all. He taught him to try his best and not be lazy. He taught him that it's smart to put God and youth group first before sports. (which we've always taught but it's great coming from a coach to a student) I'm going to miss seeing him around the school. The other day at the basketball game I was walking with another mother and we were talking about him, and all I could say was Hershey's going to be different! Different without him. Here is the news story on Coach Miller. We will attend his funeral Saturday and all the football players will be suited up:) Miller Strong!!!! Thank You Mr Miller for all you have given in teaching so many young guys and gals. Coach Miller News Page